Vasota Trek - FAQS [Frequently asked questions]

Here are some questions that we frequently get for Vasota trek. We have put down our answers. If you have any suggestions for our users, you may add it below in the comments section for individual questions.

Is Vasota Trek allowed during the Monsoon?

Can we go to visit Vasota Fort in these days [The monsoon Season].? We are planning to go there tomorrow, it it possible to visit the fort tomorrow.? Want some information about permission to go through jungle..
please reply.

Permission from forest department at Vasota?

We are a group of 30 ppl , Will we get permission from forest authorities?? Do we need to climb any big mountain?? Will it be very hard for gals?? Does wild animals really exists there?

Ferry and Camping Info for Vasota?

 We are planing to go in year 1178 i.e.visit to VASOTA FORT on 26 th January 2014 & 27/01/2014 from our special vehicle with 12 members.
While searching information for VASOTA on net, we have got your valuable experience about VASOTA & Thanks for the same. Please solve some queries about route & other.

Good Season to vist and Night Stay at Vasota

Hi, I am Kamlesh and I had a few questions related to Vasota fort. What is the ideal time to visit this fort and is night stay allowed these days?

Is Guide Compulsory?

We are going in december? Is A guide compulsory?