Vasota is a hill fort located near Bamnoli in Satara. The height of this fort is around 3842 feet from sea level. The trek involved in getting to the top offers a thrilling eperience as one would be walking through a dense jungle during the entire route. This is every trekkers dream trek as the beautiful views that it offers are breath taking.
Scroll below to get detailed info about the route, the difficulty level and forest permission related information.

Vasota Photos
Height: 3842 ft
Time for trekking: 3 hours from the base.

An amazing fort near Satara. Surrounded by the backwaters of Koyna, this is an amazing place to visit during the winters.

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Routes: Vasota is located towards the south of Pune near Satara. Head on NH 4 from Pune to reach Satara which is at a distance of 110 kms from Pune Station. The State Bus Transport has many buses plying on this route, so the bus frequency to Satara from Pune is high.  Once you reach Satara bus station, you need to reach the village Bamnoli which is the base village and at a distance of approx 40 kms from Satara.
From Bamnoli there are boats which will take you to the base of the fort.  1 to 1.5 hrs boat ride from Bamnoli, in the SHIVSAGAR LAKE water will take you the fort base to start your trek. The boat ride will cost you Rs. 3000 [+taxes] [1-12 persons]. Get a larger group for trekking as Rs.3000 is the default rate for 1 to 12 persons. Along the way you would get some breath taking views of the mountains surrounding the lake. 
Please note that the boating charges mentioned here are from the year 2018. They might have changed in the recent days.

Permission from the forest department: As Vasota trek is a jungle trek, there are certain policies in place at this place to avoid animal human conflicts. One has to take a permit from the Forest Deparment at Bamnoli to go to Vasota. Take some government ID along with you as that's kind of mandatory to get the permit. There's not much rush and this task should be done within 15-30 minutes. 

Timings: Since the forest around the fort is a protected reserve, there is a fixed timing for visitng the fort. The forest department will fine you if you get down late from the fort. So please check about the timings at the forest office and abide to all the rules and regulations mentioned by them. This is for your own safety. 

Difficulty Level and Other useful tips:

Difficulty level is Hard. It will take approximately 3 hours to reach to the top of the fort and requires a lot of walking. Ensure that you stay in your group all the time as the jungle is filled with wild animals. Carry plently of water with you as the trek is very tiring.

Try to reach Bamnoli by 8am. Then you would get enough time for the trek. Also ensure that you leave early from the fort [say by 3:30pm or 4:00pm] as its not safe to get down when it gets dark.

What to see on the fort:


Camping information:

The forest department will not give you permission for camping as animals are very active during the night and it is a Wild Life Reserve. There is a camping ground at Bamnoli village near the lake where you can setup your campsite.

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