Non Chinese Phones in India

There are quite a lot of Non Chinese Phones options in the Indian Market. These are as affordable as the ones manufactured in China and are good performance wise too.
We have done some extensive research and listed out the best alternatives available on Indian Shopping sites. Since our site is around trekking, our focus for selection has been primarily the Camera setup on these phones. The phones that we have listed are capable of recording 4k videos and can shoot very high quality photos.
Hope that you find this Non Chinese phones list useful. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Classification considered for including phones in the list below
- Phones with excellent cameras
- Waterproof Phones for Monsoon Treks
- Premium Range phones
- Phones that can record 4k. Must buy for all your trekking video logs.

Non Chinese Phones above Rs. 30,000

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (Prism Black, 128 GB)
One of the best phones launched by Samsung. This one is the lighter version of the S 10 series but yet it packs one of the best cameras available for Smartphones
Must buy for 4k recording and clicking Amazing photos.

Samsung Galaxy S20 (Cosmic Gray, 128 GB)
Powered by a 2GHz octa core processor, running on Android 10, this phone is a beast. It has a reasonable 6.2 inch screen. This means that it will be easy to carry on treks unlike those huge Chinese phones. This phone also has an IP68 rating and hence you can take it on monsoon treks as well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Midnight Black, 64 GB)
The S9 plus was one of the best selling phone a few years ago. The price of this has drastically reduced in 2020 and is a must buy for anyone looking for a pro grade camera in a phone.

Non Chinese Phones between Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000

LG V30+ - 128GB (4GB RAM)
One of the most underrated flagship phone manufactured by LG. This phone has one of the best cameras and can shoot 4k videos at 30fps. The wide angle lens enables you to take a nice spreadout shots when you are in the outdoors.

Samsung S9 - 64GB (4GB RAM)
The Samsung S9 is another phone that has an awesome camera setup. The photos taken by this phone are phenomenal. The phone is also capable of recording professional quality 4k videos.

Samsung Galaxy A51 - 128GB (6GB RAM)
Another great mid-range phone from Samsung. The quad camera setup is quite good and this lets you click some excellent quality photos. Both the front and rear cameras are capable of recording 4k videos. So this is an ideal phone for video logging.

Non Chinese Phones under Rs.20,000

Samsung Galaxy M40 - 128GB (6GB RAM)
This falls just below the 20K border and is one of the best phones in this bracket. The configuration is amazing for anyone who is looking for a mid configuration phone.

Samsung Galaxy A50s - 128GB (4GB RAM)
Must have for Ultra Wide shots. It features a 48MP main camera and a 8MP Ultra wide camera. The ultra wide lens is very useful when you are taking photographs in the outdoors. And the super Amoled display is like icing over the cake.

LG W30 Pro - 64GB (4GB RAM)
If you are looking for a decent budget phone, then go for the LG W30 Pro. It has a decent camera and good enough storage and ram.

Nokia 5.1 Plus - 64GB (4GB RAM)
Entry level phone from Nokia. Has a decent camera and the notch design makes it look premium in a small package.