Treks Around Pune

Below are some of the best trekking places around Pune. We have short-listed these places considering their proximity from Pune and other factors like the kind of experience they offer.

Sinhagad - 30 Kms from Pune
The closest fort from Pune. This place is ideal for a quick getaway from the city life. There are plenty of stalls up on the fort which serve some awesome Maharashtrian dish called Pitla Bhakri and Bhajis [Onion Pakodas].

Rajmachi - 82 Kms from Pune
Rajmachi is located in Lonavala and is a Paradise for offroad lovers.
Post leaving the old Mumbai Pune highway, there is a 18 kilometres stretch of road which is almost like a dirt bike racing track.
Trek is on the easy side and you can get to the top of the fort within 45 minutes. But still you will be amazed by the spectacular views that you can get from the top.
Also an ideal place for camping, considering the natural shelters on the fort.

Torna - 90 Kms from Pune
Torna is the highest fort in Pune and offers an amazing trekking experience.
Novice trekkers should avoid the Torna trek unless they have some experienced trekkers with them. Good place for camping. We would recommend that you carry your own tents as the only shelter on the fort [Mengai Temple] is mostly full on weekends.

Ghangad - 97 Kms from Pune
This is a fort that we recently discovered and were not disappointed a bit.
One of the most beautiful forts located in the heart of Tamini ghat, Ghangad offers moderate level of trekking experience. The fort area is not that big, but we have put this on our list of forts where camping is definitely a must do activity. The caves on the fort offer perfect shelter for camping and the villagers at the base village are pretty helpful in getting basic things [firewood, food, water] that you might need for camping.