Camping near Pune

Here is the list of some of the popular places where you can go for camping near Pune. They have been ordered in a random way, so do not go by the order, all are just perfect places for camping.

Few important camping/overnight stay points
- Always carry tents, not all places have natural shelter
- Villagers can help you with Firewood and water
- Carry plenty of water, atleast 4-5 litres per person
- While leaving, ensure that you clean your campspot. Leave nothing but your footprints

Harishchandragad - 135 Kms from Pune
If you plan to visit this place sometime, you should not come back without experiencing camping on this fort.
One of the best places to halt overnight. Although its a bit far from Pune, the travel is all worth it once you get to the fort. You will be amazed by the natural beauty surrounding this place

Rajgad - 80 Kms from Pune
Located towards the west of Pune, Rajgad [also called as the king of forts] is another ideal place for camping.
There is plenty to be explored at Rajgad which cannot be completed in a day, hence a halt at night and exploration the next day is recommended.

Ghangad - 93 Kms from Pune
Located in the heart of Tamhini Ghat, Ghangad is a fort where you will get to see nature at its best.
A cave on the fort can be useful as a shelter if you do not have tents. Locals are pretty helpful and will help you carry your stuff and some firewood for overnight trek.

Torna - 90 Kms from Pune
Recommended only for experienced trekkers as the trek is difficult and tiring.
The most popular camping destination around Pune as its the highest fort in Pune. There are a couple of temples on the fort which can be used as shelter in case you do not have tents.

Malhargad - 30 Kms from Pune
Closest and easiest place for camping near Pune. There is a motorable road [only for bikes] which gets you to the top of the fort but will require an experienced driver.
The fort has plenty of flat land that can be used to setup a campsite. Locals at the base can help you with firewood. Ideal place for an overnight trek if you do not want to travel a lot and be within city limits.